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Dear Curious,

BuyBTC.cz belonged to the family of those early Bitcoin exchanges, back in the good old heady-days of 2012. It was unique in that it was the first* exchange in the Czech Republic that exchanged from Czech Crowns to Bitcoin and certainly the first that, by it's closing, could boast near instant fiat deposits (I could probably make a good case we had the fastest fiat deposits in the world at the time).

It was the glory days of Early Bitcoin History; a time when the banks didn't yet know what Bitcoin was and we fashioned ourselves revolutionaries lighting the fires of financial freedom.

BuyBTC.cz was a fantastic, thrilling ride, through which I met many of the early bitcoin minds and participated in talks of financial uprising late into the night. Even in 2012 however things were already changing and BuyBTC.cz would unfortunately not live to see the glory that Bitcoin has become today.

So, as we said at the time: "So long and thanks for all the bitcoin".

Dennison Bertram

Founder - BuyBTC.cz


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